A Sky Haiku

The blue firmament-

Sheltering the horizons

of infinity.



Alone tonight by the seaside

Moonlit starry skies up above

Gentle seabreeze so caressing

The reverie of days with love.

Passing A Day In Puerto Princesa

So, it’s your first day in our city which has been known for its subterranean river and some nice beaches. If you haven’t checked in any hotel yet, or haven’t done any advance reservation, you can ask for help from anyone at the airport or any tourist information center. If you want to see around the near area for a walk-in accommodation, you can do so. There are a lot of inns, pension houses and hotels near the airport to choose from. If pangs of hunger and thirst strike you early, there are cafes, restaurants and resto bars to go to. There are several banks and money changers to transact with your money if you need one.

Inside your hotel or any place of accommodation you choose, you can simply take a cool shower and doze off for sometime. Whether it’s air-conditioned or simply using an electric fan, there’s something to spend time for. The management could have prepared sumptuous foods or gigs for the night. If you prefer to go out and experience night life of the city, there are resto bars and discos waiting for you. Maybe, you rather choose to go malling then there are a few malls you can explore and where you can dine in restaurants and watch movies just inside the vicinity.

But you want to see more of Puerto Princesa City. One thing you can do is go to a city tour. It is usually done by a group of five persons and above. This tour takes the sightseers to historic places in the city including The Cathedral and its surrounding places, World War II Museum and the like. It also includes trips to tourist spots like The Butterfly Garden, The Crocodile Farm, Baker’s Hill, Mitra Ranch and bazaars for native products. If nature is your choice, you can travel to Sabang where the world-famous Underground River is located. Along the way, you can enjoy sights of small beaches, mountains and forests. Or you can opt for island-hopping at the Honda Bay where a few interesting islands are found.

People may interest you too. Then you can visit bazaars and markets where very accommodating people await you for your buys. They have their ready smiles and warm chit-chats even the guides and drivers who go with you for a day. You can also visit schools and universities like Palawan State University, Western Philippines University and Holy Trinity University for a feel of Filipino warmth and humor. If cultural minorities indulge you, you can witness their way of living and mingle with them. There are a few centers and places in the city where you can go for these things.

There are other things you can do in Puerto Princesa City even just for a day. You can go mountain-climbing, snorkeling in its not-so popular beaches, motorbiking even to the rustic barangays like in the West coast,or simply sunbathing anytime of the day. If you really want to win a friend in a true sense here, just try to reach out to someone who’s open and willing enough to listen to you as you listen to him or her too. The blogger might be.

One Manic Monday in Puerto Princesa City

The cold dawn woke me up with a start. My sister-in-law was knocking on my door hurriedly. She needed the wood stand to iron her two kids’ uniforms. I opened the door for her and took my beddings off the floor. Lately, I preferred to sleep on the floor than on my bed for no particular reason. Then, I went to the kitchen ┬áto boil water for a hot drink, no, not coffee anymore. I had loved coffee since my mom allowed me not to drink my morning milk in my teen years. I liked to drink coffee better than pure milk since then. But this particular day, I was sentenced to coffee-less mornings.

My family loved drinking coffee except my father due to his kidney problem. Only kids below teen-age were prohibited to have a sip of it. But everyone else was free to drink as much as he could. I remember my uncles and a few aunts chatting and laughing over cups of steamy brewed coffee. Not only my family but neighbors and visitors who dropped by our house would gladly accept a cup of coffee offered to them graciously.

The pain on my lower hip and some swelling on my eye bags made me aware of a health problem. I needed to see a doctor soon. I imagined a diseased kidney which would require my much-feared dialysis. So I prayed that I would be spared from such a condition. When I went to the doctor, I was ordered to have several lab tests. Blood sample was extracted from me. Next was a urinalysis, then I was scheduled for an ultra sound and an X-ray the next day. Afterwards, I was advised again to have a stool exam and another urinalysis. When all the needed tests were taken, the doctor did not find a very alarming health condition. But an inflammation of vertebrae might be the cause of the pain and swelling.

I was prescribed pain relievers and vitamins. Instructions were given what to eat and not to eat, what to do and what not to do. My activities before would be altered. I should avoid hard and heavy works as my creatinine level was borderline. Exerting much energy would raise the creatinine level, as well as eating several foods like red meat and legumes. Most drinks like coffee should be avoided too. To take care of the kidney, those things should be strictly observed.

Lately, I realized how important it was to really value our health, to take care of our bodies. Just one damaged or diseased part would mean a complete turn of things. If my kidney was found defective and dialysis was the only solution, I knew it would feel doomsday. After that visit to a doctor here in our city seems to bring some paranoia. My relaxing morning with a cup of coffee was gone, foods would be double-checked before eating breakfast and chores were to be selected. All things in a day were somehow connected to it.